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We are FuRy Clan, an Xbox 360 clan. We're fairly new, but also moderately sized and talented. We have the main people in the clan, the leader, the co leaders, the administrators, and other ranks that can be taken on.
If you are interested in joining FuRy, email to apply for the clan and possibly get in. Then the leader will either message or email you a gamertag to come to and they will take you through initiation.

We are not like other clans who claim themselves with our name. Others are sniping clans, obsessed with the most popular playstyle of Call of Duty. We are not a clan that focuses on one playstyle, we use multiple guns with multiple strategies. Assault Rifles, SMGs, and snipers as well, but not as much as other clans.
The games we play for our clan are:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Call of Duty Black Ops

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

We play Modern Warfare 2 with the USA clan, so FuRy does not feature in MW2. If you have any of these games though, then you can apply for the clan.

We are not a clan that only let the strong in. We let you improve. We give chances. Our rosters are mainly inhabited by the main members of FuRy, such as the main squad is our roster containing the leader, FuRy Slayer on this website, AWESOME BOTHERS, one of the co-leaders, DIRTRIDR CAM, another co-leader, and camanocoug, an administrator of the clan.

We hope to create this clan as an MLG team one day, and we will keep hoping to the day we do so.

Welcome to the home of the FuRy Clan.
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